26th January 2007

all your base are belong to us

In co-operation with Sleek-Magazine we present two videos in in extra-wide format on the top of the Springer-Building.

Julia Lazarus: vida en otro lado (2005)
Andreas Eberlein: Soil And Green (2000)
8. März 2007

Video, 5'
Berlin 2006

Ulrike Helms


29th March 2007
von Rebecca Lennon

Video, 3'48
Sheffield 2004

Rose Butler


Video, 12'
Luzern 2004

Tatjana Marusic

Memory of a Landscape

Videoserie, 5'36/3'10/1'30
Norwegen 2004

Trine Lise Nedreaas

Forget Me Not 1–3

Video, 2'
Berlin 1999

Saki Satom


Video, 5'59
London 2005

Richard T. Walker

Successive Inconceivable Events

I mean, I think you're really beautiful and quite amazing and yet, I don't know… There's a lack of some sort of connection.

Video, 6'51 / 8'56
Berlin 2000 /2004

Susanne Schuricht

Finalklein / Linebirds

19th April 2007

Jacob Tækker

Emotional Landscape

“Did you ever, ever notice, the kind of thoughts I got…”

Jacob Tækker

Parking Lot Limbo

Jacob Tækker


21st June 2007
variations on a theme –
performing (with) music
von Anke Hoffmann

Video, 2'50''
Braunschweig 2001

Oliver Blomeier

in my studio (recording my studio)

A spiral line of 2 KM, scratched in the studio floor, forming a record, defining a

Video, 5'
Antwerpen 2005

Julien Collieux

Internationale Concert

The workers hymn The Internationale – performed with whistles by a group of people walking on a pattern drawn on the street functioning as the choreography of rhythms.

Erik Bünger

Variations on a theme by Casey & Finch

The piece is based on the idea of – with a nine-man-band – recreating the sound of a CD getting stuck. The chorus line of the disco tune 'That’s the way I like it' has been chopped up into short fragments, the order of the fragments rearranged and the result written out as a score.

Video, 9'
New York 2006

discoteca flaming star & François Boué

Aladlona 2 (I love you green)

In Aladlona (I love you green) DFS brings a “bellydance-piece” onto the stage. musicians and dancers pollinate a bellydance-instrumental into a noiserockpiece with pop lyrics. Un-preparation, half-preparation and improvisation in dance and in music are interweaved collage-like with an arrangement of oriental instrumentals. The performance longs for excessive intemperateness and the undermining of hierarchies. A de-exoticized space where pleasure could be found.

Video, 22'
London 2003

Iain Forsythe & Jane Pollard

File under Sacred Music

File under Sacred Music re-enacts the infamous video documenting of a live performance by The Cramps for the patients at Napa Mental Institute, California, on 13th June 1978.

Videoserie, 30x 2'50''
Wien 2003

Oliver Hangl

Lover's Walk

(in 30 easy versions)

Lovers’ Walk is based on a short S8-trickfilm which was originally shot together with Hungarian artist Andrea Gergely in 1998. The film shows a young man in a park playing his guitar. Oliver Hangl commissioned 30 Austrian and international musicians each to compose an exclusive soundtrack for the film. From Pop to Rock across Electrofluff to Jazz and Modern Classics and all that‘s missing here …
12th July 2007

Video, 6'
Hamburg 2005

Eske Schlüters

True to You

Sind Natur und Liebe zitierbar, diese angeblich ersten und letzten Gründe des Echten und Originalen? Wer wollte sich das schlechthin Einmalige in der Doppelung verstellt vorstellen, wo es sich, so gesehen, gegen seine eigene Idee verwenden lassen müsste? Wenn wir aber Worte der Liebe und Bilder der Natur suchen, stellt sich uns selten etwas anderes als Popkultur, Kunst, Literatur und Werbung vor Augen.

Video, 6'
Hamburg 2006

Eske Schlüters

Vanished into thin Air

24th August 2007

Live Video-Performance
Foto: Hydros

Ron & Safy

The Wonderful World of Ron and Safy #2

27th September 2007

Berlin 2007

Julia Kissina

Dead Artists Society


Marcus Herse

Let's Go Exorcism

6th Dezember 2007

all your base are belong to us #2

In co-operation with Sleek-Magazine we present two videos in in extra-wide format on the top of the Springer-Building.

Mikomikona: Ornament und Versprechen (2007)
Marc Aschenbrenner: Nori Gold (2004)