19th January 2006

Video, 55'
Berlin 2005-06
Music: Zeitkratzer
Composition: Reinhold Friedl



Xenakis[a]live is a collaboration between the Berliner ensemle Zeitkratzer and the video artist Lillevan, based on a composition by Reinhold Friedl.
The play, honoring the composer Jannis Xenakis who died in 2001, moves the composing principles characterized by mathematic and acoustic rules into defined, partly released sound-structures, lasting from metaphysical penetration to violent noise.
In his video Lillevan draws a parallel to the acoustic process, by using found material as his starting point for a visual transformation producing an endless flow of imagery, showing fragile, abstract-expressionistic appearing moments to hypnotic-suggestive almost graphic rhythms.
16th February 2006

Knut Klaßen

très très fort

A victory over Egypt would have ensured a place in the finals, however Cameroon’s Invincable Lions only managed a 1:1 draw against the North Africans in Yaounde. The Elephants from Côte d’Ivoire used this lucky break, top scorer Didier Drogba’s team won 3:1 against Sudan, they took first place in their group and were thus qualified for the World Cup. With goals from Kanga Akale in the 22nd and Aruna Dindane in the 51st and 73rd minutes Côte d’Ivoire reached the finals of FIFA World Cup for the first time. It’s the greatest success in the history of sport for the runners-up of the Africa-Cup...

Knut Klaßen


Art has like sport a defined field of rules. Within this field the special and the social risk can get formed.

Marc Aschenbrenner & Knut Klaßen


northern territory in Winter,
a railway track in deepest night.
One is pushing, one is cooking,
no one has thought of the soup.
16th March 2006

Video, 3'00''
in collaboration with
Michael Ebmeyer

Roland Schappert


And it was not one of these short films with a narrative and picture-power that has been chosen, it was a silent-ironic and almost boring half-documentary: Bar/Vegetation shows a couple with their child, owner of a trendy Berliner Bar, during an interview with the filming director […] The couple smokes, drinks, they look at each other, look into the camera, the child sitting between them grabs desperately for the cigarette and the champagne glass—life in its bleakness banality.
(Käthe Brandt, taz NRW, 07.05.2005)

Video, 2'10''

Roland Schappert


TWO summit pumps search
for the experience
sublime chliché
obstructing the mountainregion
their knowledge
cheating along hotelcastles
passing beds
missing time
inviting by their pomp
as long as they enrich the poster
they disturb hardly
13th April 2006

Music: monolake, Robert Henke

Julia Lazarus

vida en otro lado

Vida en otro lado (Life on the other side of the road) is a 16-minute panoramic view which shows daily life in a sprawling Mexican settlement situated close to the USA border.
If photography is to be extended through the stylistic devices of film a sufficiant number of pixels will be necessary, and it is only by implementing high resolution that the digital tableaux vivants of the four sampled shots taken from different perspectives gains sharpness on the screen.
It becomes apparent that instead of a natural heaven, a sample of Pieter Brueghel’s “Tower of Babel” has been inserted in the image. Media Art has been dreaming for decades of the transgression of frontiers between different types of media.
The dreams of the inhabitants of this informal settlement are much more modest: no tower as high as the heavens, and no transgression of languages and media are dreamed of, but simply the place where Julia Lazarus’ camera is positioned: On the other side of the road.
19th May 2006

KBB, Barcelona
Halina Kliem
Julia Lazarus
Marc Aschenbrenner
Wilhelm Hein
Knut Klaßen
Jan Speckenbach


roof-top screening

Within the frame of loop'06 art fair in Barcelona zuviel.TV presents its program. On friday evening 10pm a screening is taking place on the roof top of KBB (C. Joaquín Costa, 24).
10th June 2006

Marc Aschenbrenner

Cyans Tod

"Imagine a missile one hears approaching only after it explodes. The reversal! a piece of time neatly snipped out … a few feet of film run backwards … the blast of the rocket, fallen faster than sound—then growing out of it the roar of its own fall, catching up to what’s already death and burning…"
(Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow)
10th August 2006

Video, 11'45''
London 2006

Johanna Domke


Video, 25'
Los Angeles 2005

Corinna Schnitt

Once Upon a Time

31st August 2006

Berlin 2006

Jan Speckenbach

Die Geisel und der Bankräuber

28th September 2006

Video & Installation
Cologne 2006

Sung Jin Kim

Dietmar Fleischer


2nd November 2006

Franz Wanner


Rosa Marie Frang

I Am the Slogan

23rd November 2006

100 Bucks in 100 Seconds


Studio 510 Blues

Bosse Sudenberg

New York Performances

Jeanne Faust & Jochen Dehn

toi c'est moi

Video, 7'06''
Hamburg 2003

Monika Gintersdorfer & Jochen Dehn


14th Dezember 2006

Wilhelm Hein

Fuck the Idiot Box #2

Stan Brakhage: Love Making (1968)
Tony Conrad: Straight And Narrow (1970)
Malcolm Le Grice: Berlin Horse (1970)
Annette Frick: Cosmic Elements (2002–2004)

Wilhelm Hein


Wilhelm Hein

Alles Lüge