22nd April 2004

Pablo Bottinelli
Madalina de Martin
Christina Gomez Barrio
Friederike Lampert
Annika Liske
Gabriel Loebell Weizenbaum
Saskia Schwarz
Berit Stumpf

Knut Klaßen

Ferrit Font

Ro and Fonda,
They drive from house to house

Flip is singing.
How many words in one line?

Ro and Ferrit are dancing
In the car.

Fiat, my dearest bird, drilling.

Frett plays grand
Hat and beard,
the Dj topless
And they are moving

Friss measures the car

Fez is facing me.
Did you lie?

You know?
20th May 2004

Lost in Cuddihy
16mm, 13'
USA 1966

The Ghost of Wittgenstein
16mm, 10'
USA 1967

I'd Rather Be Half Right than Vice President
16mm, 5'
USA 1968

Ira Schneider

3 experimentelle Kurzfilme

Produced from 1966-68, these films were highly influenced by Samuel Beckett, Albert Camus, Eugene Ionesco & Ludwig Wittgenstein.
The films are expressionistic non-narrative information collages about American culture & existance in general.The films all won awards at the time.
24th June 2004

Kathi Angerer

Jan Speckenbach

Badezimmer oder
Die Geschichte von B.B.

Everybody has his own, truly own speed of talking. Every single person keeping silent too long suffocates mankind as well. One cannot be silent too long, mankind suffocates, even it is only rubbish what everyone thinks, what mankind thinks or whatever one has ever thought, and whatever ever mankind thought.
22nd August 2004

Live video performance, 15'
Berlin 2003


Concert Introducing Project

Kitsume (Suska Göldner and Anke Kalk) shifts between concert and performance and integrates different elements as music, costumes, videos and drawing.
The current show is a performed trailer of an actual project.

"We would like to create an own poetic vision of a world through reflections on an idealized reality between music, film, literature, jobs, shopping, advertisement, nature and fairy tales."
Anke Kalk
22nd September 2004

Stefan Panhans


"Listen, it´s like this: we have this production going—we need some people, people that have guts, real characters, real own self-confident young people. You only have to be yourself, if you want to participate, but just be great, you understand? Actually you can do whatever you want, actually everything, as long as it is fantastic, just let it go, …"

Jonathan Jarl + Olle Andersson


Four men in a car, maybe on their way back from work. The cassette deck is on and a voice tries to free the listeners through suggestion from bad habits…
21st October 2004

Wilhelm Hein

Fuck the Idiot Box

Wilhelm Hein presents 16mm-Films by

Kurt Kren (Aktionen Otto Mühl+Günter Brus)
Andy Warhol
Tony Conrad
Wilhelm Hein
Kali Film
Diter Rot
Paul Sharits
Peter Weibel
18th November 2004

with Ariane Sept

Marc Aschenbrenner

Nori Gold

A woman, while persisting in her current state, mutates into a creature from the Black Lagoon while a man leaves earth with tremendous speed…
16th December 2004

Video, 3'
Camera: Dimitris Tzamouranis
Sound: Bert Wrede
Edit: S. Jack Rath

Wolfgang Harth & Peter Lang


Turbo alias Wolfgang Harth, artist and special Doc.Med., walks into the forest and does what has to be done: Turbo operates himself.
Afterwards the world seems to be alright again. A very dangerous growing piece of entropy has been removed. The action takes places relaxed—doctor/patient are well and look aesthetically fine.
Only the mistrusting Thomas is sticking his finger into the wound.